Ideas to improve Twitter

I'm writing this post, answering the call of ideas that Twitter launched recently. 

First of all, just to say that I'm twitter's user since the beginnig. Now nobody reads my tweets anymore. I'm an early adopter in most technologies, communications tools and all kind of solutions on Internet. 

In my opinion, one of the main problems on Twitter now, is that most people use it to talk, and just few of them is using it to listen. In order to get more followers, people make the trick consisting in follow people that follows people similar to you, or with similar interests, with the goal of that people will follow you back. 

As Twitter people knows there's tools that helps to unfollow people that don't follow you back, after a few days, helping you with this method. 

This process, create this kind of accounts with 10.000 following and 10.000 followers, and every day there's more accounts of that type. 

I think will be good, to estimate a maximun number of people someone can follow, in my opinion it can be between 200 and 400. More than 400 following, you are not following nobody, and tweets comes to the timelines to be unread. 

Another option for the solution, is to avoid that people can see the accounts someone is following, or the accounts that follow someone. 

Another nice discussion, is about maximum character's length, here you are my proposal: 

To create a "TwitterPlus", that can let to write for example 280 characters (could be more), and people can choose to follow Twitter accounts (classic ones), TwitterPlus accounts or both, at the some time people can use both to publish their tweets. 

Another idea, is to create a "just one sense" twitter accounts type for companies and people that just want to talk, (could be premium accounts). People can follow this just talking accounts, knowing that those accounts are just tweeting ones. On that accounts I suggest people can see the number of followers but not the followers. 

I'm sure I have more ideas, and I will be so happy to share with Twitter team. To work with you would be a dream. 

Thank You 
Victor Verges 
Digital Strategist

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